Legal Recruiting Compensation: Are You Competitive?

If you’ve changed how you post jobs, communicate your law firm or legal department’s employment brand, and interview candidates, but you still aren’t attracting the most qualified talent, it may be time to look at your compensation offerings. Offering competitive compensation is about more than just salary. It’s also about balancing benefits and crafting a… Read More »

5 Ways to Gain and Maintain Your Competitive Advantage in the Market

Law firms and legal departments regularly strive for a competitive advantage in the marketplace, which helps them achieve their goals. Here, we discuss five ways to build and maintain that competitive edge through better staffing. Build a strong employment brand. Recruiting and retaining the best legal talent begins with a clear message. Your employment brand… Read More »

Implement a Legal Mentoring Program to Push Your Team to New Heights

  When it comes to developing new legal support professionals, few programs work as well as mentoring. Yet many firms overlook structured mentoring programs – to their detriment. Here, we discuss the benefits of a mentorship program and offer some key tips on building an effective mentoring system. How Does a Legal Mentoring Program Help?… Read More »

Why Top Legal Talent Leave and What You Can Do About It

Turnover is inevitable in any law firm or legal department. When your best legal support staff or lawyers leave, however, understanding why they go can help you find outstanding replacement candidates and keep your remaining top players happy. Why Do Top Legal Professionals Leave? The most common reasons top legal professionals leave their jobs include:… Read More »

New Manager? How to Build Your Credibility

Taking on a leadership position opens many opportunities, but it also creates challenges. To build credibility as a new manager, it helps to start from a consistent, focused position. Here’s how to put yourself in that position. Believe in yourself. Promotion to a management position occurs when your supervisors and colleagues believe you have the… Read More »

How to Write a Great Recommendation Letter

At some point in your legal career, you may be asked to write a letter of recommendation for a colleague. The letter may be part of an application for a credential, membership in a professional society, a certain job or even an academic degree. If you’re unfamiliar with writing recommendation letters, producing one can seem… Read More »

The Perils of Having a Workaholic Legal Support Employee

Some employees seem to live, eat, breathe and sleep their jobs. And while their dedication and productivity can seem like a benefit at first, a workaholic legal support professional can end up doing your team and your organization more harm than good. Here’s why you need legal support staff who respect their own work-life balance:… Read More »

Fear of the Unknown: How Staffing Fits With the Puzzle

Fear of the unknown is one of humanity’s greatest challenges, and businesses are no exception. Sooner or later, every law firm and legal department faces the fear of the unknown. Your organization may not be able to predict the influence of outside factors like the economy, or may be unable to account for certain factors… Read More »

In a Rush to Hire a Legal Assistant? Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Despite your best attempts to plan ahead, many situations may result in a need to hire a legal support professional as soon as possible. As with any project, hiring done in a rush can create the temptation to cut corners. In your hurry to get someone in the position, you may find yourself settling for… Read More »

Quick-Start Guide to Writing an Great Legal Support Staffing Plan for 2017

The goal of a staffing plan is to ensure you have the right legal support talent in the right positions at the right time. It sounds straightforward enough. To get you off to a great staffing start in 2017, here are five quick steps to help you develop your plan. Evaluate your needs. Before you… Read More »