Being Resilient: How to Bounce Back After Missing out on a Great Job

Today’s legal support job market is more competitive than ever before. For every successful candidate, there might be several rejections. This is a fact of life when it comes to your search – however, it doesn’t make it any easier. It’s a Candidates’ Market Professionals who have avoided the job market for years are now… Read More »

Keep Applying but No Response? Here’s What You Can Do

Perhaps you’ve been on the legal support job hunt for a while. You keep sending out resumes, following up to ensure they arrived, and waiting to hear whether you’ve landed an interview … yet you hear nothing. Why are you getting radio silence? Here are some of the most common reasons: You weren’t the right… Read More »

6 Habits to Adopt to Advance Your Legal Support Career

Everyone is busy. You have a lot to do, both in and out of the office, and it’s tempting to just put your head down and get your job done. But that’s not always the best practice. You need to step back and take some time to make sure you are thinking about the picture.… Read More »

4 Signs a Legal Support Career Path Is Right for You

Are you likely to love working in legal support? If you’re considering a legal support career, or have just started on your career path, you may wonder how you can answer this question. Legal support professionals who love their jobs share many common traits. Here are five of them: You’re fascinated by the work being… Read More »

What Can A Legal Support Recruiter Do for Your Career?

When you are looking to advance your legal support career, partnering with a legal support recruiter can bring you better results. Recruiters have more industry expertise, more access, more experience and can do a better job than you can on your own. What Advantages Do Legal Support Recruiters Offer? Provide insight into local markets. An… Read More »

How to Get the Most From a Workplace Mentoring Program

As the benefits of mentoring become clear, many law firms and legal departments in the Toronto area are launching formal workplace mentoring programs. These programs can vary greatly in structure, duration, and quality, but they all have one thing in common: Without the participation of both mentors and mentees, even the best mentoring program is… Read More »

How to Spring Clean Your Resume

Spring is a great time to “clean” your resume the same way you would clean and declutter your house. The sunshine, fresh air, and growing plants offer the promise of growth and excitement, allowing us to look at our resumes with fresh eyes. Updating your resume regularly is a must, especially if you’re searching for… Read More »