Addressing Work-Life Balance in a Job Interview

Law can be a high-stress field for legal support professionals. To thrive in the legal field, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential. When you are interviewing for a new position, it can be difficult to decide how best to raise the issue of work-life balance. Many job seekers are hesitant to refer to it… Read More »

Want to Hit Your Career Goals? Don’t Forget About Passion

Legal support professionals face no shortage of advice on how to grow their careers. With so much information available, it’s easy to feel pulled in multiple directions – and even easier to lose sight of your passion. Yet passion is essential to career success. When you work in a role or an organization that specializes… Read More »

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket: Why You Can’t Rely on Just a Mobile Job Search

Job searching from a phone or tablet has become easier than ever as recruiters and employers alike have embraced mobile application platforms. If you rely solely on your mobile device to execute your job search, however, you may be missing out. Here’s how to optimize your mobile job search while also using non-mobile tools to… Read More »

Implement a Legal Mentoring Program to Push Your Team to New Heights

  When it comes to developing new legal support professionals, few programs work as well as mentoring. Yet many firms overlook structured mentoring programs – to their detriment. Here, we discuss the benefits of a mentorship program and offer some key tips on building an effective mentoring system. How Does a Legal Mentoring Program Help?… Read More »

Why Top Legal Talent Leave and What You Can Do About It

Turnover is inevitable in any law firm or legal department. When your best legal support staff or lawyers leave, however, understanding why they go can help you find outstanding replacement candidates and keep your remaining top players happy. Why Do Top Legal Professionals Leave? The most common reasons top legal professionals leave their jobs include:… Read More »

Does Toronto’s Top Legal Recruiting Team Know Who You Are?

If you’re a legal support professional building your career in the Toronto area, you want people to know about the work you do. You want them to contribute to your reputation as a competent professional. And being on the radar of the top legal recruiting team in Toronto can help you do that. Why Do… Read More »

New Manager? How to Build Your Credibility

Taking on a leadership position opens many opportunities, but it also creates challenges. To build credibility as a new manager, it helps to start from a consistent, focused position. Here’s how to put yourself in that position. Believe in yourself. Promotion to a management position occurs when your supervisors and colleagues believe you have the… Read More »

Kent Legal Awarded Readers’ Choice Award by Canadian Lawyer Magazine for Legal Support Staffing

Kent Legal recently received a Readers’ Choice Award in staffing and outsourcing from Canadian Lawyer magazine. Now in their third year, the Readers’ Choice Awards allow Canadian Lawyer readers to vote for their most trusted vendors and suppliers in seven categories. Over 300 providers were listed on the ballot, which was distributed to over 2,000… Read More »

6 Soft Skills Prized in Legal Professionals

To qualify for work in law firms and legal departments, knowledge of the law and skill in research and drafting is a must. To advance your career or standout when applying for a new position, you’ll need to showcase your strongest “soft skills” as well as your hard qualifications. What Are Soft Skills? “Soft skills,”… Read More »

4 Headaches of Legal Hiring (and How to Fix Them)

“Painless hiring” sounds great, but it isn’t always the reality. Instead, law firms and legal departments often face one or more common “pain points” when seeking new talent. Here are four common challenges the legal hiring process can pose, along with effective ways to address each one: Recruiting Costs Many firms and departments first scrutinize… Read More »