Currently Employed? You Should Still Be Open to Hearing About a New Job

Once you have a job you enjoy, it’s tempting to let your recruiter go to voicemail. It’s time to focus on your work, not the job market – right? Actually, if you don’t talk with your recruiter from time to time, you may miss out on some extraordinary opportunities. Here’s why it’s always worthwhile to… Read More »

How to Build a Highly Impactful Team

Recruiting the right people for your team is only the first step in team building. Once you have the skilled and focused staff you need, it’s time to work on building the connections among them, so they can pool their abilities for the greatest impact. Here’s how department leaders and team heads can encourage and… Read More »

Putting the Pieces Together: Why “Fit” Matters in a Legal Job

If you’re building a career as a legal support professional, finding the right firm takes more than simply matching your skills to available job openings. By seeking a more well-rounded fit, you gain not only the opportunities you need to build your skills, but an environment that supports your efforts and helps to solidify your… Read More »

Exit Interview? Here’s How to Prepare

Exit Interview? Here’s How to Prepare Many organizations conduct exit interviews when an employee leaves the firm. While you cannot typically be required to participate in an exit interview, doing so is a strong gesture of goodwill. It also offers you a final opportunity to raise concerns and point the organization in the right direction.… Read More »

Emotional Intelligence: How to Identify It in Legal Professionals

Legal professionals are “smart.” That’s the common perception of lawyers and legal support professionals, and it’s also a common feature in the profession: those who work on legal issues tend to be analytical, focused and persuasive. The popular emphasis on cognitive intelligence, however, tends to overlook an equally important form of “smarts”: emotional intelligence. Here,… Read More »

Yes, There Is a Perfect Legal Recruiter for You (and Here’s How to Find Them)

Working with a recruiter can help you polish your resume and interview skills, spot promising job openings and connect with employers who provide the opportunities you’re looking for. But you don’t have to settle for “just any” recruiting firm – and you shouldn’t stop looking until you find a recruiter who offers everything you want… Read More »

Legal Recruiting Compensation: Are You Competitive?

If you’ve changed how you post jobs, communicate your law firm or legal department’s employment brand, and interview candidates, but you still aren’t attracting the most qualified talent, it may be time to look at your compensation offerings. Offering competitive compensation is about more than just salary. It’s also about balancing benefits and crafting a… Read More »

Legal Career Audits: When Was the Last Time You Did One?

“The unexamined life is not worth living,” as the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates once said. And the unexamined career can have similarly negative effects. If you haven’t assessed your legal career recently, now is an excellent time to do so. Auditing your career progress and performance can help you prepare for an upcoming performance review,… Read More »

5 Ways to Gain and Maintain Your Competitive Advantage in the Market

Law firms and legal departments regularly strive for a competitive advantage in the marketplace, which helps them achieve their goals. Here, we discuss five ways to build and maintain that competitive edge through better staffing. Build a strong employment brand. Recruiting and retaining the best legal talent begins with a clear message. Your employment brand… Read More »

2018 Toronto Legal Career Outlook

Although the legal field in Canada has seen some contraction in recent years, demand for legal support professionals remains high in the GTA, where booming business brings with it a demand for legal services. The government’s Job Bank website predicts that job openings in legal support fields, including paralegal and legal assistant positions, will outpace… Read More »