Legal Recruiting Compensation: Are You Competitive?

If you’ve changed how you post jobs, communicate your law firm or legal department’s employment brand, and interview candidates, but you still aren’t attracting the most qualified talent, it may be time to look at your compensation offerings. Offering competitive compensation is about more than just salary. It’s also about balancing benefits and crafting a… Read More »

Why Top Legal Talent Leave and What You Can Do About It

Turnover is inevitable in any law firm or legal department. When your best legal support staff or lawyers leave, however, understanding why they go can help you find outstanding replacement candidates and keep your remaining top players happy. Why Do Top Legal Professionals Leave? The most common reasons top legal professionals leave their jobs include:… Read More »

4 Headaches of Legal Hiring (and How to Fix Them)

“Painless hiring” sounds great, but it isn’t always the reality. Instead, law firms and legal departments often face one or more common “pain points” when seeking new talent. Here are four common challenges the legal hiring process can pose, along with effective ways to address each one: Recruiting Costs Many firms and departments first scrutinize… Read More »

5 Essential Attributes to Look for When Picking a Legal Support Recruiter

Working with a legal support recruiter offers unparalleled benefits. Your staffing partner can revitalize your job postings, reach out to the best hidden legal support talent, and cultivate candidates who offer both the skills to do the job well and the cultural “fit” to thrive with your existing team. To maximize the benefit of your… Read More »

When a Firm Across Town Is Beating You at Recruiting Top Talent, Here’s What to Do

“Thanks, but I’ve already accepted an offer with….” If you’re hearing this comment from outstanding candidates again and again, or if you’re watching both the established leaders and the “rising stars” in the legal support field accept positions with competing firms, it’s time to adjust your strategy. The difference between a good employee and a… Read More »

Fear of the Unknown: How Staffing Fits With the Puzzle

Fear of the unknown is one of humanity’s greatest challenges, and businesses are no exception. Sooner or later, every law firm and legal department faces the fear of the unknown. Your organization may not be able to predict the influence of outside factors like the economy, or may be unable to account for certain factors… Read More »

Can’t Fill a Legal Support Position? These Might Be the Reasons Why (and What You Can Do)

Finding top talent in a competitive market is always difficult. If your organization is struggling to find the legal support staff member you need for a position, you can change your tactics to increase your chances of success. Here’s why you might be missing the right person for the job—and how to change that: You’re… Read More »

In a Rush to Hire a Legal Assistant? Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Despite your best attempts to plan ahead, many situations may result in a need to hire a legal support professional as soon as possible. As with any project, hiring done in a rush can create the temptation to cut corners. In your hurry to get someone in the position, you may find yourself settling for… Read More »

5 Reasons to Spring for the Best Legal Talent

Every law firm or legal department wants to hire the best talent they can find…don’t they? In fact, many firms shy away from hiring an outstanding candidate if the candidate stands to be a game-changer for their organization.  Concerns about candidates being overqualified or about additional salary outlays loom large in many managers’ minds. When… Read More »

Is Your Hiring Process Costing You Money?

Every moment you have a legal support position that isn’t filled your organization is losing money.  The person who should fill the position isn’t there to do productive work.  Essential tasks for that position are covered temporarily by other staff, who must sacrifice some of their own productive time to pitch in.  And management staff… Read More »